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We will give you space for your advertisement on our drivers' clothes and on our bikes which spend most time riding in the centre and thousands of people see them every day. Our bikes can also be used for face to face marketing campaigns in the city and for product promotion. Do not hesitate to contact us with any idea - we will meet your wishes.

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Sightseeing Tours

Do you wish to be guided through the most important places in Copenhagen or are you short of time and interested only in certain sights?

We will suggest sightseeing tours tailored to your needs. You can see Copenhagen thoroughly with a driver and a guide in one person during a three-hour ride or we will guide you through several popular sights during a half-an-hour ride.

We will take you to places where a cruise ship and a bus can never take you. Taking a look at spots off the beaten track and inner courtyards is a natural part of our sightseeing tours. You will see the whole history of Copenhagen at a close distance and experience the unique atmosphere of ancient places face to face.

Tell us where you want to go or let us suggest an ideal sightseeing tour route to you.

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Events and Celebrations

We will be happy to help you with any celebration.


We will arrange a lot of things for your unique day. We will decorate the bike with flowers, the driver will welcome you in a smoking and offer you a toast of champagne. We can do a lot more and we will be happy to meet your specific needs and wishes.

Company Events

Decoration of bikes in the company colours, gifts and snacks for your employees or clients during tours together is not all we can provide. Maps and quizzes for everybody during a sightseeing tour, stops at locations and photographs or videos from the ride together will definitely be a nice memory of time spent with your colleagues. We can guarantee the success of your company event.


Birthday, successful end of studies, anniversary, final destination as a gift and a surprise at the same time...? There are many reasons why give a joyful experience as a gift to people who are close to you and we will help you do that.

Pub tours

Do you have favourite bars, restaurants or other places and would like to go to all of them in one evening? Our drivers will be available for you all night long and they will pick you up and take you to the next place when you want to.

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Do you and your mates need to be picked up from your favourite bar, do you want to have your parents picked up at their home or do you need help taking a heavy shopping into your hotel or to deliver a romantic gift?


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Walking Tours of Copenhagen

Let yourself got carried away by the beauties of Copenhagen. Set out to see the most famous sights and get to know the history of the city which has made a significant mark in the history of Scandinavia.

Discover the magic of old-time Copenhagen through tales and legends as old as the city itself. Moderated tours of Copenhagen everybody will choose from. We will take you to places where a cruise ship and a bus can never take you. You will see the whole history of Copenhagen at a close distance and experience the unique atmosphere of ancient places face to face.
There are four tried and tested options of our tours of the city and there is another independent tour of an alternative community called Christiania and of the most interesting places in the Christianshavn quarter.

A standard tour takes two hours and enables you to admire the most significant sights of the city with our guide. Our tours are adjusted to families with children, company events and school trips. We can also plan any tour for you - the programme, time, place, the language of the guide's commentary - all of it to suit your needs.

Apart from other things, we will see together the houses where H. C. Andersen used to live and write, we will visit the place where the original settlement of Havn used to be and we will experience again the colourful history of places such as the Christiansborg palace and the Copenhagen Vor Frue Kirke cathedral. The life of sailors in the Nyhavn channel, building of the representative Rosenborg castle and the change of Copenhagen University will come to life again in front of our eyes.

We became guides because history is our hobby. We have been organizing guided tours in Copenhagen for several years and our experience and knowledge can guarantee your satisfaction. We offer guided tours 7 days a week and we are available for you all year round.

Price List
Prices start from 100 DKK per person! We organize walking tours both for individuals and groups.
The maximum price for a tour is 1 200 DKK/a group (1-12 persons).
The maximum size of a group is 20 persons. If there are more than 20 people in a group, a new group with another guide will be made.

Non-binding reservation

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